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VAI Art Services has the expert knowledge to install anything from a small picture to the most challenging of pieces. Whether it be heavy and awkward objects, ancient or modern artworks, ornate mirrors, multi-media works or priceless paintings, we can do it all!


Our team of highly experienced art handlers provide professional installation services to museums, galleries, private and commercial clients in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties.  We are dedicated to addressing your needs and are happy to recommend options for placements and layout. 


With the safety of your artwork in mind, VAI Art Services uses the highest quality installation hardware and custom-fabricate hardware to suit special needs. We also offer theft deterring/security installation. 


VAI Art Services can manage your project every step of the way  to ensure a smooth and seamless installation.


Whether you are moving in to a new home, re-designing your existing home or staging your home for sale, VAI Art Services can help! We work with many local interior designers and home-owners to create a finished home by installing window treatments (curtains and rails), chandeliers/ lighting fixtures, custom shelves and moving all of the furniture and rugs into place. 


We understand how stressful moving or de-designing your home can be.  VAI Art Services offer a smooth and seamless move. You do not need to call multiple different companies (electricians, contractors, handyman etc) - instead call the VAI team who can do it all in one visit!!


We specialize in assembling furniture. We take all of the parts out of the box and assemble them in your home quickly and efficiently, so you do not have to worry or stress over the confusing instructions. 


We work in both residential and commercial spaces to assemble anything from wood and metal furniture to office or baby furniture, patio furniture to dining tables and chairs. We also expertly assemble home gyms for all of your workout needs. 


We can assemble anything - any size, any where, any time!

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